5 Simple Tips For Dealing With Nasty Customers

If youve been in business very long, youve likely heard it all! You know, the irate customer who is going to sue you over the nineteen dollar product that they claim is bogus; the one thats going to shut your business down because they conjure up in their minds that you might have breeched your privacy policy, or the one that takes complete advantage of your money-back guaranty. My favorite has to be the one that calls and screams vulgarities into the phone for apparently no reason.

It doesnt happen often, but if youre going to be in business, you will run across some nut cases from time to time. Some can be diffused, some cant. Thats just the way things go in business.

There are some simple techniques for dealing with irate customers without burning yourself an ulcer over them and without telling them you hope they get cancer and die!

Here are some tips you may find useful

1. Dont take it personal

There is one thing that almost all nasty customers have in common. They try to attack you on a personal level. Name calling is not unusual. When you take it personal, you are likely to get into a yelling match with the customer which resolves nothing and only stands to make things worse. Try to diffuse the situation kill the anger with kindness so to speak. If that doesnt work, ask them to contact you again once they have calmed down and are willing to speak reasonably. Refuse to speak with a customer in an irate state. You dont have to put up with abuse ever.

2. Dont overdo the customer is always right concept

In customer service training you will always hear that the customer is always right. While that is true to some extent, sometimes they are just flat wrong. You should always try to accommodate a customer within reason, but do not allow that concept to go too far.

3. Realize it isnt always your problem

Sometimes people just have a bad day and are looking for someone to take it out on. A hateful, ugly customer is often one of these people. If you listen to their ranting and raving, then respond kindly telling them you understand their frustration and you want to work with them to come to a resolution, you will often diffuse the anger and uncover the rational human being beneath it.

4. Dont fall for fear invoking bluffs

In customer service some business people tend to do anything to avoid the potential harm of a threat even if it means losing money or giving in to irrational demands. When you are threatened, consider the validity of the threat. Do you really think someone is going to pay thousands of dollars in attorney fees to sue you over a low dollar transaction? Likely not. Again, do what you can to accommodate within reason but dont give in to unsubstantiated threats.

5. Be prepared to decide whether or not a customer relationship is worth salvaging

Youve heard it said that one happy customer tells one person about your business while an unhappy customer will tell 10 or more. Undoubtedly, word of mouth can be the best or the worst exposure for your business. This is the very basis of the the customer is always right concept. Of course it is best to salvage a customer relationship if you can, but again, do so within reason.

Do You Know What To Do When Your Baby Cries?

Do You Know What To Do When Your Baby Cries?

Crying is a physiological process in the life of a baby. All normal babies cry to communicate with others. Since they can’t express their feelings in words crying is the only way for communication. If any uncomfortable feeling comes they simply cry.

Normally babies cry in situations like hunger,when wet, too hot or cold, tight clothes, pain ect. Some kids need the presence of somebody otherwise will cry simply. Crying without any cause is habitual in some babies. Even though crying is considered as normal it may worry the family members. Since the reasons for crying ranges from simple causes to serious causes it should not be ignored and hence exact cause has to be identified and managed accordingly.

The following are some points which should be considered while dealing with a crying baby.

1. It is dangerous to shake the baby vigorously.

2. Tight clothes can cause irritation hence it should be removed.

3. If the room is hot put the fan and open the windows.

4. If the nappy is wet remove it, and after cleaning dry with a soft towel.

5. Pat her back or stroke her head slowly and let her here your soothing sound.

6. Give breast milk to make them quiet.

7. If the climate is cold cover her in soft towel.

8. Rock her gently in your arms and walk slowly in the room.

9. Take a music making doll and let her listen.

10. Try a pacifier or help her for thumb sucking.

11. If no response change her position.

12. Walk outdors with her.

13. Put her on the cradle and rock gently.

14. If no response ask somebody to carry the baby.

Even after all these steps the baby goes on crying see the following signs.
( Probable cause is given after every sign)

1. Press her abdomen gently,she may twist or resist you:—Colic

2. Pull her ear gently she may become worse or push your hands away:—Ear ache.

3. Feel her temperature with the back of your hands:–Fever due to any infection.

4. Examine the skin from head to foot:–Eruptive disease,nappy rash,measles,vesicles,allergy ect.

5. See the nose for any discharge:–Coryza.

6. Move the head gently to feel any neck stiffness:–Meningitis,head injury ect.

7. Keep your ear near her chest to hear any rattling sound:–Increased mucus in wind pipes.

(pneumonia,bronchiolitis,asthamatic bronchitis etc.)

8. Examine the anal orifice:–Anal erosion,rectal polyp,crawling of worms.

9. Examine the genitalia:–Any discharge or erosion.

10. In male baby see the testicles which may be swollen or tender: –Orchitis,torsion of testes.

11. Also notice the body movements and see for any convulsions, rigors, vomiting, cough,laboured breathing etc.

If you see the above signs, or any other abnormal signs consult your doctor for proper treatement immediately.

How To Create A “Unique Selling Proposition” For Your Home

How To Create A “Unique Selling Proposition” For Your Home Based Business!

No matter what type of business you are running (or plan to build) you will likely have competition. Most people think competition is a bad thing and if you try to take on your competition head on it probably is.

On the other hand, you can use your competition to learn how to service customers in a different way a unique way that can make you very successful!

How Can You Make Your Business Unique”

For example, selling home videos. DVDs, and electronic games is nothing new. And unfortunately for most mom-and-pop video stores, Blockbuster came along, and put most of them out of business.

So why bother even trying to sell videos and DVDs, right? Well, it depends.

Opening another video store would probably be difficult having the ability to order 20-30 copies of all the popular videos would probably be too costly for most people.

But NetFlix didnt look at competing directly with Blockbuster. The owners decided to rent the same products, but in a completely different way online and through the mail.

Thats an example of a Unique Selling Proposition!

How can you create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your business?

Answer the following 5 questions:

1. What does your business sell, and who do you sell it to?
2. What benefits (not products or services) does your business offer to your customers?
3. What does your business do best?
4. What part of your business needs the most improvement?
5. What do you offer that you do better or different than your competitors?

If you need help coming up with ideas for the last one which is the most important question to answer go out and shop your competition:

read their ads
check the yellow pages
do a search online and compare websites
buy a product (or ask a friend or family member, if possible)
join a small business association

Then, narrow down your USP into one or two sentences, and do it with every letter you write, every ad you place, every customer you serve, every plan you make and include your Unique Selling Proposition.

If you can make your business different from the rest and stand out above the competition youll be well on your way to success!