Rebuild 3: Steam Workshop support

Steam WorkshopHave you wished Rebuild 3 was harder? Easier? Wished children aged at a realistic rate or more new survivors were soldiers? Have you wished Rebuild 3 was written in your native language, or just want to rename Gustav to “Mr Mustachio”?

Well now you can have it all, with only a little work on your part (note: full language packs are actually a LOT of work, mail me if you want to get in on a team effort for one).

I’ve added proper Steam Workshop mod support in version 1.5, so you can create mods and share them with others. You can now change all the system, difficulty and game configuration settings (including ones like GOAT_YEAR, finally – I know how that one has been bugging you).

Check out the documentation and the Steam Workshop then start making some mods!


5 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Steam Workshop support

  1. First off, can I just say how amazing this game is and I’m really happy for everyone who has managed to come up with this masterpiece of a game, I’m here to make a suggestion, while being a coder myself I know personally the immense about if work into the smallest things it takes but I would love if you take serious consideration towards this.

    A multiplayer rebuild game, where 4 or 5 players are the differant factions, just a completely normal game only with other people, a whole new way to look at the game, this will improve it tenfold.

    If you’ve gotten this Far, thanks for reading

    Best regards
    A big, big fan

    1. I completly agree. With a previous comment. that would take this game to another level.. (Having other factions be other players in real time) But youd have to have domains. Look up kingdoms of camelot for a similar style game.. Only dont ruin in with fees and buying advantages.. Ok maybe a little but dont get greedy. Oh and let me know how i can invest ;) serious inquiry

  2. This happened to my husband and me. We could see other people’s accounts, and I was being bounced between the Japanese, US, and Chinese site versions.

    If this had been a company like, say, EA, everyone would be up in arms. But, it’s Steam, so they get a free pass to make obscene profits while paying bare minimums for servers and allowing horrible bugs to nestle in everywhere.

    At least Origin works smoothly 99% of the time and downloads games at modern speeds. When you submit a support request, a person who speaks English calls you within 10 minutes. I have never gotten a response from Steam Support, and I’ve been using Steam since they were in Beta. I’ve always just had to solve issues on my own (okay, fine, I admit – my husband solves them for me).

    If Activision-Blizzard exposed user credit card data (yes, the last 4 digits ARE useful for fishing for more info), there would be an outrage. But this is Steam, and they can do no wrong.

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