Sol was a Teenage Exocolonist

Sol, aged 17-19

Sol – full name Solanaceae – is the default name of your character in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist.

Your parents are farmers, and they named you after their favorite taxonomic family, the nightshades, which contains potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and tobacco.

Flulu and Geranium, your parents

You are your father’s Little Tomatillo, his Brave Gooseberry, his Spunky Petunia, and his Busy Aubergine. Your dad’s a sweetheart… but a little embarrassing.

Your mom’s the realist of the family, always trying to get you to work hard and toughen up. You may butt heads with her, but it’s usually for your own good. It’s your choice whether you take her advice, or roll your eyes and fidget like a proper teenager.

Sol, age 14-16

Exocolonist starts with a short character generation which takes place during the first ten years of your life on the colony ship Stratospheric before it lands. You choose your name, your gender (two sliders for appearance and pronouns) and a genetic modification.

Before the colonists left Earth, they “acquired” valuable gene editing tech to give themselves an edge on their new planet. All the colony children have one augmentation. You can pick:

Extra fingerscreativity + 10Increase Creativity and Organization faster
Eagle eyesperception + 10Increase Perception faster, events while exploring
Absorbent brainreasoning + 10Increase Reasoning, Biology, Physics faster
Super strengthcombat + 10Increase Toughness and Combat faster
Calm temperamentempathy + 1025% less Stress
Nothing at allkudos + 3025% more Kudos because you tried your best

Through a series of other choices you pick your childhood best friend, starting skills, and early childhood memories. These memories take the form of cards.

A child’s first memories (temporary art)

More about these cards and Sol’s list of skills in future posts!


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