Contraption launching April 5

vancouver_twitchIt’s official: the HTC Vive will be shipping on April 5th, and it will come with Fantastic Contraption, Job Simulator, and Tilt Brush. My 3 favorite things in VR right now!

I’m so stoked – it’s like being Super Mario Bros and/or Duck Hunt at the launch of the NES. The Vive could be the platform that changes everything… we just have to get enough people into it, because playing is believing. We showed Fantastic Contraption at a Vancouver Twitch event last week and people kept coming away stunned and stoked, trying to figure out where they’re going to fit a Vive in their apartments.

And yes you can now preorder the Vive for $800 USD, which is the adult equivalent of the $150 my sister and I saved to buy a NES back in the 80s. You also need a gaming PC – Nvidia 970 or higher – but the prices on these and on all VR hardware will come down pretty fast in the next couple years. So get out your measuring tape and start sizing up the living room for that 1.5 x 2m (5 x 6.5ft) minimum. Do you really need that coffee table? I didn’t think so.


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